"Quality is not an act, it is an habit", Aristotle.

A visit to Aristotle’s Park would be a totally family friendly activity in Halkidiki. It is a unique theme park, located in a beautiful area with a marvelous view towards the Gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos. The park is dedicated to the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, and it includes a series of interesting instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. Aristotle was a great walker who would lecture his students as they wandered. These experimental instruments, operating by rules of physics are mentioned in Aristotle’s textbooks and especially in the one called “The Naturals”. The instruments include a prism, optical discs, sounding bars, a compass, sundial and pendulum. The park combines recreation, entertainment and education. Nearby, you can also follow Aristotle’s Route (14klm), one of the area’s hiking routes that connects Ancient Stagira to Aristotle’s park.

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